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Dallton Santos interviewed by Artist Networtk Fm – USA.


What made you decide to get into music?

I really think you can’t decide this…the music choose you and suddenly, you get inside it. I remember that my first contact with a musical instrument when I was about 12 years old… I got my father´s acoustic guitar in hands and that was magical…I felt in love instantly…. in that moment the music chose me!

Is there a difference between Brazilian guitar players Vs. American?

Some differences are cultural and it’s normal because they are from different countries; beside this, musicians are individual person, each one has your individuality, it deserves respected and understood.

Today we have globalization, which makes the exchange of information between guitarists from different countries something very important and healthy, especially with regard to the various possibilities of harmony, rhythm and techniques.

What separates you from other guitar players?

As I said, every guitarist already differs from each other, each one is unique. That´s why the guitar is such a wonderful instrument! …because everyone will sound very particular.

I am a kind of musician who likes to write songs, study and absorb elements of various music styles to create new melodies and transmit new knowledge to my students.

Who do you look up to in the music industry?

I’m a musician interested in “fusion”, than I admire many artists in the music industry… among them Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Toninho Horta, Hermeto Pascoal, etc.

If you could work with any artist who would it be?

It´s difficult to choose one name… there´s a lot of them…For now I would say Jeff Beck. I would love to work with him. Such amazing artist. It would be an awesome experience for me.

What advice would you give to upcoming guitar players?

Try early to discover the musical identity inside you and work it. Focus on your style and qualities and never stop studying. Whenever possible, play with other musicians, make friends, and always keep an open mind to learn with other guitar players among your circle.

Your greatest moment in your music career?

I just released my third album The Inner Things and tons of awesome feedbacks are coming. Through this album I have known many great musicians and awesome people. I´m feeling honored with all support and recognition. So, “right here right now” is the greatest moment in my music career!

Finally, let me say that I am very grateful to everyone who is giving me this feedback and thank you for gave me the opportunity to talk about my work. It was an honor to have participated here this interview! Hugs to you and success to all!

Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/DalltonSantos
Official Website http://www.dallton.com

font: http://artistnetworkfm.com/2016/01/28/dallton-interview-with-us/


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Dallton Santos performing the AWESOME solo from the song Acquired Impression!

This is one of the solos that I most love to play! Dallton Santos



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Legendary guitarist Jamie Glaser ( Chick Corea & Elektric Band, Iggy Pop, Poison, the Temptations…) send this cool photo holding the new Dallton Santos album.

Photo taken last year before Anderson Ponty Band (Jean Luc Ponty and Jon Anderson – Yes) tour got started.

Big thanks dear Jamie Glaser for your support and friendship! God bless you and your music. 
your fan Dallton Santos 


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Our chat is now with guitarist Dallton Santos. Who just released his new album The Inner Things. Check out the interview with this great musician who has gained fans not only in Brazil but also over the world. Dallton told us about his discography, projects for 2016…continue, go to: http://bit.ly/MusicJobs-DS

Our chat now is with the guitarist Dallton Santos. Who just released his new album the The Inner Things.

Check out this interview with this great musician who has been winning fans not only in Brazil but also in other countries, Dallton told us about his discography and projects to 2016.

MJ: Tell us a little about the beginning of your career.

Dallton: The transition from hobby to profession began at age 16. The money that I began earning was teaching guitar lessons. I was in a group of friends, all linked to music. It was easy for me to get some songs by ear,  so I shared with my friends, but always informal! Once, one of them came to me and asked to teach some riffs and would pay me for it. I accepted and gradually I was “the guitar teacher dude” in my town (laughs). The doorbell kept ringing … I did not plan, it happened.  After this, I graduated myself at EMT and until nowadays I work with classes.


MJ: When did you realized that your music was getting attention?

Dallton: In 2002 I sent the demo for Guitar Player magazine and they  published a note praising this work. I was very excited, it was the first appearance in magazines, and for me it worked  as a great incentive, causing me to see the guitar with other  eyes. Until Then, I only praticed cover songs from guitarists who I liked, riffs, solos , and them  I decided  to go for my original songs.


MJ: You’re already on the third album, tell us a little about this album.

Dallton: I am very happy with my new album “The Inner Things”. Much love and professionalism came from me and the team of people who helped me to achieve this work. All this energy was  reflected in the album. It is Rock Fusion, the songs has many different textures and there is a concern about harmony and melody. I am happy with the positive feedback of super musicians of various styles and people not related to music. The musicians that worked with me was Marcelo Soares, Rodolfo Ferreira, Fernando Ferraz and Arthur Maia.


MJ: Tell us a little about his two previous albuns.

Dallton: My first album, called Art in Motion was released in 2006 and it is an experimental project!  It looks like a movie track, the creation process of the songs was a very cool journey. Although it was made totally independent, without a producer, etc. I really like how it sounds, I’m very proud even more for being the first. In this album the music that  stood out was the ballad By the Edge of the Stream.

The second album was Virtual Fusion. It was launched in 2012 with a rock proposal  and directed to a more “guitaristic” audience. There are very technical songs, where I recorded all instruments. Two songs from this album got big attention; Hot Pipe and Parallel Process, which also won an international award for best instrumental music category.


MJ: Your music is getting considerable attention outside Brazil, you believe that besides your talent, there is some other factor that influences this?

Dallton: The audience is pretty cool as well in Brazil. They like so much harmony, like when you put some Brazilian music elements, and the main thing: they like to hear what is not a copy of any guitarist of them. You put yourself in risk and no matter how crazy is your idea … it´s your´s, and this is the right way to go ahead. When this happens, they become fans, share your music, create fan clubs.


MJ The fans of instrumental music is increasing not only by musicians but a diverse audience. How do you see this fact, it is a new trend?

Dallton: I think that the globalization, the advancement of internet and all technology, made the disclosure of instrumental music stay more affordable. And it ends up reaching a diverse audience. People are more open-minded and looking for the new, and I think it is also a way to get out poor lyrics content in most of actual songs, of course with exceptions.

From another angle, I think that instrumental music is universal. It has no words, has no boundaries. It can reach everywhere in the world and is slowly adding more and more fans. The great beauty of it is in this capacity to transmit emotions interpreted through notes, where each person feels the way they want.


MJ: Your compositions has in addition to a lot of technique and creativity  several elements beyond the rock, what are your influences when composing?

Dallton: I’ve always heard and I still hear rock, that´s why the rock element is very present. But I also like listening to jazz, Brazilian music, Funk, Blues, World Music, etc. Naturally all these stuffs  will  appear in the compositions. It’s like seasoning. You put the right amount and the rock gets a special flavor. I like this!!!

I often say that my writing process is influenced by:

Past Moment: Experiences, studies and gigs:

Present Moment: The current time, how I feel, what I’ve been listening to and studying. I think that the present moment has a greater influence. Anyway, I let flow, I take the inspiration and a new song appears!


MJ: What are your idols on guitar, your influences?

Dallton: I have so many !!! Like the true guitarists that touch the soul and innovate.  I will quote some, Steve Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, Scott Henderson, Dimebag Darrell, Allan Holdsworth, Angus Young, Frank Zappa and go!


MJ: In addition to studio recordings, gigs, you are involved with many classes and workshops. How is this interaction with fans in a workshop and  what is the feeling of being closer to the guys?

 Dallton: In the workshop you have a different concept, it´s more didatic. Many guys wonder about the equipment I use, others about musician profession, curiosities, how I had developed technique, how I think while composing, improvising, etc … I think it’s cool, I really like this event format, I think it always brings good concepts. Besides being a lot of fun too.


MJ: What are your plans for 2016.

Dallton: As I launched The Inner Things late last year. My plans for this year is to work hard in promoting the album, shows and workshops too. I also intend to release a DVD, and a instructional video. And at the end of the year I will start working on the next CD, because I already have some songs.

Much work ahead!

Thank you for the invitation and congratulations on the blog! I hope everyone enjoyed the interview and an excellent 2016.


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Dallton Santos “The Inner Things” album review by JamSphere from Italy.

With an intricate, yet distinctive style, every song on “The Inner Things” is impressive and unique, with dynamic and powerful solos, themes, and harmonic chains that one gets to appreciate more with every replay of the album. It is as if there are hidden gems that you will keep discovering as you let yourself immerse into Dallton Santos’ music and enjoy his superlative talent. This album gives you tremendous energy while the band sounds killer, rocking between progressive and fusion arrangements. read more

“The Inner Things”. Tone, purposeful melodies and excellent musicianship make this album a must have. This is coming from someone who has played guitar for more than 2 decades. What Dallton has been doing lately is great, memorable songs and what feels as a higher maturity level as a musician is the only way I can explain it. I mean that as a compliment, he was always a great musician, and the accolades prove that, but now, as a listener, I feel like Dallton lets the song itself come out, as opposed to putting his chops in- something that a lesser musician would be more likely to do. read more



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